How to Get Your Backflow Prevention System Certified – and WHY you need to do this now

Get Your Backflow Prevention System Certified

The flow of non-potable water or contaminants back into the water pipes of a public water system is referred to as “backflow.” To prevent backflow from occurring many municipal codes require the use of a backflow prevention system. When a backflow prevention system is installed, it is required to be tested by a certified backflow prevention technician on a yearly basis.


All businesses and property owners with a backflow prevention system in place are required to have the device tested once every year. This can be completed as a standalone job or as part of your preventative maintenance program. The results of the backflow prevention system test are then sent to your local city or the county water authority.

Purpose of Testing

A backflow prevention system is a mechanical device that is subject to wear and tear. The inside of the backflow preventer contains internal seals, springs and other moving parts. All of these parts will need to function properly or the backflow prevention system may fail. The testing of a backflow preventer is also needed to verify that the device has not been removed or had a by-pass line installed.


Failure to have a required backflow prevention system installed for your property can lead to the shut-off or the termination of your water service.


Ask about a preventive maintenance program to have the backflow prevention system for your property tested and certified each year.

Contact MetroPower Plumbing now to have your backflow prevention system tested by one of our certified backflow prevention technicians.