We provide residential & commercial plumbing services to Albany, Georgia and surrounding areas

All kitchen and bath repairs or replacements (bathtubs, showers, sinks, faucets, toilets, etc.)
MetroPower Plumbing provides kitchen or bath repairs or replacements
MetroPower Plumbing offers full service repair and replacement of all bathtubs, showers, sinks, faucets and toilets. Using quality parts and material, our trained technicians have the resources needed to handle your next repair or replacement.
Water heater repair and replacement
Water Heater Repair & ReplacementDid you know that heating water is typically the third largest expense in your home? It would be worth doing the math to see if you should simply repair or possibly replace your current water heater. Leaky or inefficient water heaters can cost you a lot of money on your energy or gas bill. Talk to one of our experienced technicians today to see if replacing your water heater is the right choice for you or if a small repair is all that you need.
Sewer & Drain Line repair and replacement
MetroPower Plumbing provides drain line repair and replacementOver time, drains can clog due to the buildup of grease, soaps, hair, roots, etc. on the inner walls of the pipes which eventually causes the blockage. You should never see standing water in the shower and water should drain almost instantly in all sinks. If the water is slow to drain or you have standing water, give our trained technicians a call. We will thoroughly clean the pipe and have your drains working like new again in no time.  At MetroPower Plumbing, we can do more than just clear your drains. We can also repair or replace your water and sewer pipes. There are a number of reasons that your pipes might need repair or replacement. Leaving pipes in disrepair could cause a number of problems such as flooding and groundwater contamination. This is a serious environmental hazard and should be corrected immediately. MetroPower Plumbing can repair or replace the pipes and help you avoid a potentially hazardous situation.
Leak detection and repair
Water Leak Detection & RepairLet the experts help detect leaks in your gas, water or drain pipes. We can find the leak and repair it to save you and your family from a potentially dangerous gas leak or damaging water leak.
Preventive Maintenance Plans
Preventive Maintenance ProgramsThere are a number of benefits to MetroPower Plumbing’s preventive maintenance plans. You get emergency service 24hrs/day, 7 days/week, with no overtime charges ever! You are flagged as a priority customer and receive a 15% discount on all repairs excluding diagnostic charges. Our preventive maintenance plans reduce the likeliness of emergency calls and protect your investments. You will receive skilled and courteous service from our technicians.  We have plans for both residential and commercial customers.
Annual Backflow Prevention Test
Backflow Prevention SystemBackflow is considered a reverse flow in your water system from the intended or normal direction. A backflow preventer is basically used to protect your water supply from contamination. The annual test will ensure that your system is working properly and is conducted by a certified backflow prevention technician. All businesses are required to have their backflow prevention system certified every year. MetroPower Plumbing can do that as a stand-alone job or as part of a preventive maintenance plan.
Tankless water heaters
Tankless Water Heater

Can you imagine having endless hot water in your home? Well, with a new tankless water heater you can have just that because your water is heated on demand. There is no storage of hot water and therefore no shortage.

Traditional tanks will have buildup over time from the water that is sitting in the tank, but you will always have clean water with a tankless water heater. The water is heated as it passes through the tank.

The size of a tankless water heater is small compared to the traditional bulky tanks which take up so much space. Plus, since there is no reheating of water, you will save energy and money!

Tankless water heaters last longer and require very little maintenance. MetroPower Plumbing is a Rinaii tankless water heater service dealer.

Water Softening Systems
Water Softening SystemsIf you have an issue with hard water in your home, you should try letting our experienced technicians install a water softening system. Hard water is simply put, water that contains more minerals than ordinary water. Hard water can clog pipes and make it difficult for soap and detergent to dissolve in water. Water softening units connect directly to your water supply. The unit will soften your water by removing the minerals that cause the water to be hard.
Water purification systems
Drinking Purified WaterDoes your tap water ever have a bad smell, visible particles or a metallic taste? Even though most water supplies meet EPA standards, water can still pick up contaminants as water travels through your pipes. Installing a water purification system provides your home with better smelling and tasting drinking water. The purification system will remove chlorine and bacterial contaminants as tap water passes through the system. Installing a water purification system allows you to have clean, healthy water that costs far less than bottled water.