10 Reasons to Own a Plumbing Service Plan

1. Protects your investment and extends the life of the plumbing fixtures.
  • Corrects minor problems from turning into major expensive problems.
  • Conveniently scheduled tune-ups.
2. Reduces the likelihood of emergency calls.
  • Proper maintenance ensures peak efficiency of your plumbing system.
  • Prevent the problems before they happen.
3. Minimize water consumption through scheduled maintenance.
  • Replacing flapper and aerators reduces costly waste of water.
4. Recommended by the original manufacturer.
  • Maintenance necessary for optimal operation.
5. Priority Service.
  • Same day service with no overtime charges.
  • In the event of an emergency, you will receive priority service. Agreement owners get prompt attention over non-agreement owners.
6. Discount on all flat rate repairs.
  • 15% discount on all flat rate repairs excluding diagnostic charges.
  • 1 year warranty on all repairs made by Albany Plumbing.
7. Experienced Technicians.
  • Certified professionals who work to the highest standards.
  • Mandatory continuing education and training for all technicians.
8. Progressive Service Contractor.
  • Every service truck has a computer and printer installed in the truck.
  • Internet-based service dispatching system which creates efficiency.
9. Transferable.
  • In the event that you decide to sell your home, the agreement will transfer to your new home (if it is in our service territory) or to the new owners.
  • This will make your home more marketable to potential buyers.
10. Multiple Payment Options.
  • Cash or Personal Check.
  • Business Check, Master Card, Visa and American Express accepted.


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