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4 Ways to Protect Your Family from a Potentially Dangerous Gas Leak

If your home is heated by gas, you know it’s a safe and inexpensive method almost all of the time. While problems are rare with home gas systems, you should know how to prevent and detect any gas leaks in your home. Leaking gas can be dangerous for you and your family to breathe, as well as being an explosive fire hazard. Learn how to deal with your gas system to keep your family safe.

Add gas leak detectors to your home

Gas leak detectors are as important as smoke detectors when it comes to your family’s health. These machines can tell if you have an invisible gas leak before you can smell any gas in the air. If your gas leak detector starts to emit a piercing noise, leave your home and let the professionals investigate the problem.

Be alert for strange smells in your home

Natural gas has no detectable odor, but the gas company adds a chemical that makes it smell just like rotten eggs. If you or a member of your family is trying to figure where an odd smell might be coming from, it may be a potentially dangerous gas leak. Don’t take the time to look around and find the source of the leak. Get everyone out of the house and into fresh air before it becomes a dangerous health hazard.

Change the air filter in your furnace every month

Filters get clogged with dust over time and this blocks the air flow to your furnace. Blocked air flow can eventually lead to damage in your furnace. This is a prime way for a furnace to develop a leak in the gas line. A small amount of maintenance each month can prevent a much larger problem later on.

Have a professional check your gas appliances on a regular basis

If you’ve had a hurricane, earthquake, tornado or other natural disaster recently, make sure to get the all-clear from a professional before using your appliances again. You don’t have to go through an earthquake to suffer damage to furnaces and boilers, though. Normal wear and tear caused by simple aging can do just as much damage as any natural disaster. A yearly inspection can pinpoint potential problem spots before they begin to cause trouble.

Gas leaks are no small problem and not something you should try to take care of yourself. If you think you may be having a problem, or you simply want to find out and make sure,  contact Level 5 House Painting for assistance.