How to Save Up to 30% on Your Water Bill Each Month

When you received your last few water bills, you might have noticed that you’ve been paying more than you did last year. You may be surprised to learn that checking up on just one appliance can actually end up saving you up to 30 percent on your water bill each month.

Once you check for leaks in the kitchen and bathroom faucets, you should turn your attention to the water heater. This essential appliance works behind the scenes to provide your entire household with hot water day and night. Over time, parts inside the water heater can wear down or fail altogether. Such failures can lead to leaks, broken thermostats or faulty heating units.

Symptoms of a malfunction can include a lack of hot water when you run your taps or water trickling on the outside of your water heater. Other problems you can experience are a reduction in water pressure or water that is heated to a higher temperature than before. Some homeowners have even encountered odd noises or smells.

When a water heater first develops a problem, it may not seem urgent. Yet if you ignore a symptom that seems insignificant, you can end up with water damage problems and flooding. Cleaning up from these household disasters can be significantly more costly than contacting a plumber.

Since you need the water heater regularly for bathing and laundry, you shouldn’t delay if you suspect a problem. An experienced plumber can swiftly assess the problem and suggest the appropriate course. Depending on the severity of the situation, repair or replacement of your water heater may be necessary.

A faulty water heater quickly gains the potential to waste hundreds of gallons of water, especially if you don’t notice it right away. You can head off this expensive setback by repairing or replacing your existing water heater.  Contact the plumbers in Coquitlam to get started–you’ll save money and water by acting now.