Lester Burns Homeowner

I really appreciated doing business with you. I would absolutely recommend you to my neighbors and will use you again in the future. I want to compliment your plumber, Justin Short, on his excellent work and customer service.

Arthur Erickson Homeowner

Tracy and Henry did a real fine plumbing job for me! I called and they came out right over. They had to hunt for the pipes to find out where the leak was coming from. We discovered it was underneath the concrete so Tracy came back the next morning and worked like a beaver all day to find the leak and replace the pipe. I was very pleased with your service and if I ever have any problems in the future, you can be sure I will call you. Thank you for a job well-done!

Mrs. Leon Lambert Homeowner

My husband and I were so pleased with Michael and how hard he worked to help us get our water heater repaired and replaced. Thank you Michael!

Herman Phillips (Son of) Homeowner

I was very impressed with Michael, he is an asset to your company. He is a young man who sees the bigger picture in the scheme of things. I want you to know the reason I called  Albany Plumbing (MetroPower Plumbing) and no one else. The other day I was out in the yard at my mother’s old house trying to figure out how to cut the water off because there was an obvious leak somewhere. Your plumbing truck happened to be driving down the street and I flagged the young gentleman down. Michael actually stopped and helped me and that is so rare these days. Thank you to Michael and his friendly service!

Goeffrey Phillips (Son of) Homeowner

The work that Michael completed for my father’s house was awesome. He did a wonderful job. Thank you!

Chandu Kunawala Homeowner

I want to thank Justin for his great service. I appreciate him coming out and taking care of my plumbing problem.

Drew Lansberry Homeowner

I have used your company for plumbing and electrical work. Everyone has been so courteous and I have been pleased with every technician. Kevin and Michael were great when they came out to my house for a plumbing service call. I would like to ask for a raise for these gentlemen.


Olga Soltero Homeowner

I just wanted to call and say what a great job Michael did on some repair plumbing work. I was very pleased with his work. He was very, very good!

Eric O’Cain Homeowner

Justin was a pleasure to work with and he did a really good job. I was pleased with the cost as well. I will schedule future service with your company.

Carla Lampp Homeowner

I would like to nominate Tracy Moree ‘Employee of the Month’. I was very pleased with his work, his neatness, and his personality!

Judy Russell Homeowner

I was told by three different people to call Albany Plumbing when I needed some work done. I have never seen two more professional men. Kevin Potts & Michael Klausen did a wonderful job! I was very impressed they cleaned up after themselves & showed up exactly when they said they would. I can’t thank you enough & I will definitely be calling again.


Kay Keller Homeowner

Tracy came out to fix my shower that was not draining. He was very professional and knowledgeable in what he was doing. He even climbed on my roof to try and figure out what was wrong. He was so friendly and courteous when answering all my many questions. I was very impressed by his cleanliness and nice uniform. You don’t usually see that when dealing with plumbers.

David Clayton Homeowner

I just wanted to call and let you know what a fine, young man Justin is. He came out Friday night after hours to work on a plumbing issue. He really worked hard and stuck with it and was able to solve the problem. He was very pleasant and a good representation of your company.

Mike Matre Homeowner

It is never pleasant needing a plumber, so when you do need one, it sure helps to have a good one. Albany Plumbing technician, Justin, identified and fixed our problem quickly then explained to us the problem and showed us what he did. The cost for the parts and service were lower than I expected.

Mrs. Thomas Homeowner

I was very pleased with my plumber, Kevin Potts. The work was performed perfectly and he was very friendly. I will definitely use Albany Plumbing again.

Mrs. Smith Homeowner

I recently used Albany Plumbing and your plumber did a great job. He was very nice and cleaned up after the job. I will never use anyone other than MetroPower Plumbing in the future.

Mr. Oosterveen HoneyBaked Ham

When your plumber finished fixing our problem, he cleaned up so well. I would say that he went above and beyond what was expected of him. Thank you.

Ms. Rainey Homeowner

Kevin and Tracy were so quick and professional. They were very courteous and just a pleasure to do business with. I think they are wonderful representatives of the company! Albany Plumbing will definitely get all my calls in the future.

Mr. Dourough Homeowner

I wanted to compliment Albany Plumbing on their courtesy and professionalism. The plumber answered all of my questions and was just a pleasure to do business with. I also want to comment on your phone etiquette. The person that I spoke with was so nice and you just don’t find that at most businesses.

Mrs. Jeffrey Homeowner

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the work that your plumber did. He was very professional, clean, neat, and did a great job. I will definitely be calling you guys again in the future.

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